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Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

This is a very simple DIY project which can add so much beauty to your garden! To make a Tea Cup Bird Feeder you will need a few things.

  1. Cup and Saucer
  2. Sandpaper
  3. All Purpose Adhesive
  4. Birdseed

To make your Tea Cup Bird Feeder start by using the sandpaper to scuff up the side of your teacup which you will attach to the

saucer. This may be the bottom of the teacup, or the side of the teacup opposite the handle. How you orient your teacup is up to you! Have fun with it and make it your own!





Use the sandpaper to scuff up your saucer, once nicely scuffed add some of your all purpose adhesive. Attach the teacup and saucer. Allow to dry!

Once dry, your Tea Cup Bird Feeder is complete. Now how will you hang your Tea Cup Bird Feeder? There are a few different ways!

Practically Functional uses a string harness wrapped around the Tea Cup Bird Feeder. This is a great simple idea which allows you to hang your Tea Cup Bird Feeder from anywhere. A tree branch, off the porch or off of a metallic stand. See how Practically Functional have their Tea Cup Bird Feeders.

The people over at Cap Creations take it one step further and use copper piping to make a stand for the Tea Cup Bird Feeder. See how they do it here!

Once you have decided how you will hang your new Tea Cup Bird Feeder, fill the cup and saucer with birdseed. Within minutes you should see a few new friends enjoying themselves.

I figure I should show you my favourite Tea Cup Bird Feeder.

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