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Strawberry Gutter Garden – How To

Strawberry Gutter Garden Strawberry Gutter Garden

I will give you a quick guild on How To make a Strawberry Gutter Garden!

I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and I thought I’d share.

First you need gutters, make sure to get a pretty color, something that will match your yard!

First thing to do is plug the holes, on both ends if they are open, and the drain.

If you plan to hang them make sure to buy some heavy duty wire. Wrap some wire around each end and the middle of the gutter. These will be your supports for your Strawberry Gutter Garden.

Now using the other ends hang garden.

Now fill the gutters with dirt and fertilizer. Plant your strawberry seeds and watch your new Strawberry Gutter Garden come to life!

*Note, if you use Strawberry Seeds you will have to be patient as seeds can take a while to sprout, if they even sprout. If you want a jump start on you Strawberry Gutter Garden try using parts of other strawberry plants! A root a s stem anything you can get your hands on!

Remember to water them regularly. I love using a Strawberry Gutter Garden, it is so easy to pick strawberries as they hang down above your head!

A Strawberry Gutter Garden seems like a great summer DIY! Get started!

With all your strawberries you will need a way to pick out the stems.

Note* while looking around I found some people who have tried to make this Strawberry Gutter Garden. They have reported that the soil dries out really fast, so there was a suggestion. Get some sort of absorbent material like sponges or thick cloths and line the bottom of the gutter. This will allow water to be absorbed and stored for later use by your strawberries!

Now that you have so many strawberries, you may want to keep them fresh using vinegar!

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23 thoughts on “Strawberry Gutter Garden – How To

  1. Carol Carman says:

    Do you have any more pictures? Also, about how often do these need watering? And what garden zone are you in? This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melissa L. Coon says:

    We have done these this year—-what do we need to do for them for winter—-in W. Central IN.

    1. MrCompEng says:

      I would chop them down to the roots then cover then with bags of leaves

  3. Melissa L. Coon says:

    We have them attached to a pallet, leaned up against our raised porch, the bottom of the pallet is sitting on the ground.

  4. Alma Phillips says:

    First you don’t plant strawberry SEEDS. Second it is not that easy. In this zone they don’t produce the first year. It takes lots of continued efforts to have enough strawberries to freeze.

    1. Elizabeth Staeheli says:

      You can plant Alpine strawberries from seeds. : }

  5. Denise says:

    i used an adult diaper, loaded it full of water, scraped the water filled jell out into the soil mix and filled the gutters. It didn’t need as much water and stayed moist a lot longer.

    1. Deborah says:


  6. MzsRia says:

    There are 7 ways to grow strawberries, mostly from established plants. However, you can grow strawberries from the seeds. Be aware that growing from seed can be tricky and it’ll be a year before the plant bears fruit.

    Go to this web site to get the details:

  7. kat says:

    Could you put this up over head so it provides some shade as well?…. watering will be a little different,perhaps with a curved plant watering attachment, on the hose?

    1. MrCompEng says:

      That actually seems like a great idea!

  8. Hurrah,tҺаt’s what I waas exploring for, what a stuff!
    present ɦеr at this weblog, thanks admin of tɦiѕ web site.

  9. nina Beaudoin says:

    A drip system would be great. I live in AZ and would love to try this out.

  10. stephanie says:

    You can plant Alpine strawberries, they fruit the first year.

  11. Sutiawan Gunessee says:

    I live in the north part of Mauritius which is an island in South-West Africa. In summer the outside temperature may go up to 35 degrees celcius.

    Do you think I can grow strawberryies in hanging gutters is polyhouses using drip irrigation, and, if yes, which ones?

    Thanks and regards


  12. Sutiawan Gunessee says:

    Ok, Please send me the reply

  13. Carter says:

    Baby diapers-clean, work well to keep moisture in a container garden

  14. William says:

    I bet the deer love these

  15. Steve says:

    You could lay a soaker hose along the gutter and use that to water the strawberries!! Just outhit in a timer and have it in very slow.
    Also beware birds and bugs can get at the fruit from the top and the underside so be careful to protect the fruit. An open fabric cloche over the top works well But it has to be open enough for bees to get in but not birds. Fabric inderneath also would work.

    If the bees etc don’t get in then the flowed wil not pollinate and the fruit will be misshapen and not the best.

    Gutter planters fircStrawberries are a lot more work that one would think. But they do work well if done right. And are reusable. You can also grow other plants like lettuces really them too.

    Great when space on the ground is limited !!

  16. I every time spent my half an hour to read this
    blog’s posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.

  17. Mary Majewski says:

    I would worry about a rain storm coming and washing everything out & making a huge mess of something I worked so hard for. Otherwise, I like the idea.

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