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Stone Planters made from Stone Pavers

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I love this, you pave a walkway or put some stone up on the walls. Does not matter what you are doing, you may always leftovers. If you do why not use them?

What you need:

  1. left over stone pavers, in multiples of 4
  2. concrete glue
  3. dirt
  4. a plant to plant

What you do:

  1. get 4 stone pavers and set them up in a standing square
  2. like in the picture put the concrete glue on the edges of the stone pavers
  3. put the 4 stone pavers together
  4. This is my tip for success, tie a rope around the 4 stone pavers to keep it all together
  5. let it sit for a few hours, as long as the concrete glue says to let it dry for.
  6. place the new planter, somewhere you want it to be, they are not easy to move
  7. fill with dirt and plant

Note, you can use a 5th stone paver as a bottom, this will make them easier to move later.

Done, you not have some awesome Stone Planters made from Stone Pavers. Your left overs are used and they look great! Just think of all the ways you could decorate them now!

Some crafts you can use to decorate your new Stone Planters made from Stone Pavers

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