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Starting Tomatoes from A Tomato Slice

Starting Tomatoes from A Tomato SliceStarting Tomatoes from A Tomato Slice

I did not know this was possible, but this changes everything! Starting Tomatoes from A Tomato Slice means never having to buy tomato seeds or plants ever again! Next year I will not be buying tomato seeds or plants, two or three weeks before spring I will be buying a few tomatoes from the store, slicing them up and planting them!

  • So we will start with a single tomato, cutting it into 1.5 cm thick slices!
  • We want to fill a potter with rich moist soil
  • We want to plant each tomato slice in its own potter, placing the tomato slice on top of the soil
  • Cover the tomato slice with about 1 cm of soil
  • Cover the potter with saran wrap to create a warm humid environment for those seeds to grow in
  • Watch your tomatoes sprout

Once your tomatoes start sprouting you have a few options

  • let them all grow and hope they grow up healthy
  • carefully spread the sprouts apart and plant them in a pot or in the garden

There you have it, a great way to have free tomatoes all year round by Starting Tomatoes from A Tomato Slice!


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