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Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing

Square Foot Gardening Plant SpacingSquare Foot Gardening

So previously we talked about Square Foot Gardening.

I was telling you all to plant as many seeds as you can perf square, but maybe I was wrong and you may want to follow this Plant Spacing guide!

This Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing guide tells you which plants will thrive from having more space and which can be squished together and still grow!

You see each picture is split into squares. We know that for your Square Foot Garden each square is a one foot by one foot square.

Now take the radishes for example. There are sixteen squares. This means that in your square foot for radishes you need to plant one radish in its own 3×3 inch space.

When doing this do not take a tape measure and rule out all the appropriate lengths, just eye it!

If done properly all your vegetables will grow nicely.

Need a shovel?

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