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Self Seeding Vegetable Garden

Self Seeding Vegetable Garden

Every year you plant your vegetable garden. Go to the store and buy your tomato plants, get some sunflower seeds pick up some lettuce and carrot seeds, maybe you see some sweet peas and decide you would like to have some of those this summer as well. All of that sounds great, except for the trip to the store! Why not maximise your gardening time and start a Self Seeding Vegetable Garden?

Each year, I plant one extra tomato plant and some extra lettuce. These plants have no purpose except to drop seeds and start me Self Seeding Vegetable Garden the next year!

You already know you can Grow Tomatoes From a Slice.

But did you know that at the end of every season, if you leave a few tomatoes to rot into the ground a few seeds will be left over for next year. After all the frost is gone, the tomato seeds will start to sprout. The best part, if your old rotten tomato seeds start to sprout, you immediately know it is warm enough to plant your new tomato seeds and plants!

Lettuce will wilt as it gets cold out, as well lettuce that is not harvested will drop seeds, seeds which will start to sprout at the beginning of the next season. This year harvest your lettuce a little bit earlier than normal, or leave one lettuce plant to grow all season! Lettuce will start to sprout sooner than many other plants as lettuce has a high tolerance for the cold. Once lettuce sprouts, give it a week and it should be warm enough to plant your other vegetables.

Cucumbers are a self seeding vegetable if left on the vine long enough. If you want to eat your cucumbers pick them from the vine when they are long, slender and that perfect colour of green! If you want your cucumbers to self seed leave it on the vine. The cucumber should turn yellow or orange depending on the type of cucumber. Leaving the cucumber on the vine past this point will cause the cucumber to fall off the vine and drop some seeds.

Remember that these vegetables have been around for a long time, long before we got here! Most plants will self seed at the end of the season to ensure their own survival. I love letting my tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers self seed year after year. It saves me some time and some money!

While carrots, pumpkins and radishes can be self seeding vegetables these are a few I would prefer to plant myself.

Let me know which vegetables you are going let self seed in your Self Seeding Vegetable Garden!

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