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Prepare your Garden for Winter

Prepare your Garden for Winter

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are cold and the afternoons are hot. The end of summer is here and winter is right around the corner! Like me I am sure you want your plants to grow back next year! Here are a few tips to Prepare your Garden for Winter!

Preparing your Perennials

  • After the first frost cut back stems to be flush with the soil. This removes any pest eggs and disease spores. If any of you stems have attractive seed heads leave them be as next season those seeds will drop!
  • All the stems you just cut down, compost it! Any stems you suspect have pest eggs or disease spore, throw them away! Get a nice compost going to make an organic soil conditioner. Hot compost (active compost) kills weeds and many plant diseases.
  • Any diseased foliage should be cut down and thrown out. Make sure to rake up any soil which may have diseased foliage mixed into it.
  • To prevent animals from nesting in your garden, after the first frost lay about 6 inches of soil or compost, whichever is readily available.
  • Mulch perennial and shrub beds with pine needles or chopped leaves. This protects both plant roots and the soil and moderates the effects of extreme temperature changes during winter freezes and thaws.

Preparing your Bulbs

  • Mulch bulb beds with evergreen needles to prevent the soil from shifting and cracking during the winter. This prevent shallow bulbs from being raised to the surface.

Preparing you Trees

  • Protect the soft bark of young trees from pests with wire or a store bought tree-guard products.
  • Wrap burlap or shade cloths around screen evergreens and any exposed broad-leaved trees to protect them from the dry wind.

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  1. Grippette says:

    Evergreen needles will acidify your soil. 😐

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