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Naturally Rid Yourself of Weeds

Naturally Rid Yourself of Weeds

Prevent Re-Seeding

Dandelions can be hard to remove, a good first step is to prevent re-seeding. After a dandelion blooms, the seeds come out to whisked away by the wind. Most weeds like dandelions bloom, then seeds. While in bloom go through your garden or lawn and cut down flowers. Make sure to collect the flowers properly dispose of them.


Vinegar will kill most broad leafed plants, including dandelions. Cut the top and bottom off of a tin can, and get a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with vinegar. Place the tin can over dandelion you plan to remove. Spray the vinegar into the tin can. The can will protect any surrounding grass or plants from the vinegar.


Cardboard is a natural weed barrier. In areas of your garden that are not heavily populated by plants, place down some cardboard. Cover the cardboard with mulch and relax as the dandelions stay out of your garden.


Cornmeal prevents plant germination. Sprinkling cornmeal around your garden can prevent the spread of weeds. However cornmeal can also prevent the spread of your healthy plants. Make sure to only spread cornmeal around your established plants.

Bark Mulch

Spreading mulch made from bark will not prevent weeds from growing, but the thick nature of bark mulch will slow down a weeds growth. Weeds that grow slowly are easier to keep in line.

Boiling Water

Like vinegar boiling water can kill plants. Prepare a tin can and a kettle of boiling water. Place the tin can around the weed you would like to remove. Pour the boiling water into the tin, little by little.

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