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Keep Berries Fresh Using Vinegar

Keep Berries Fresh Using VinegarKeep Berries Fresh Using Vinegar

Each week we buy strawberries and blue berries. Once in a while at the office we are supplied a lunch, on these days I do not eat my berries. Other days I simply forget to pack them in my lunch! Not eating my berries gives them time to go bad. I want my berries to stay fresh as long as possible. Luckily I can Keep Berries Fresh Using Vinegar.

The bacteria that grows on your berries is what causes them to rot. Vinegar being slightly acidic kills most bacteria. This is why from now on we will be washing our berries in a vinegar and water mixture. Make sure you have ample white water.

I suggest using 2 cups of white vinegar mixed with 6 cups of water! Get this mixture going and let it sit while you use warm water to wash your berries.

After being washed, your berries should be soaked in the water and vinegar mix for an hour. After the hour is up removed the berries from the water and vinegar. Thoroughly rinse your berries four to five times to make sure all the vinegar is gone!

Now we have a bowl full of wet berries. Thick skinned fruit like strawberries can be dried in a salad spinner while thinner skinned blue berries should be dried between two paper towels.

Now that you can Keep Berries Fresh Using Vinegar, why not try making your very own Strawberry Gutter Garden?

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