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How to Make Moss Graffiti

How to Make Moss Graffitimoss1

Now this may seem like a weird DIY project but I guarantee you the kids will love using Moss Graffiti to make their own moss paintings! It could even be a lot of fun showing your children How to Make Moss Graffiti.

You will need a few things.

  • Moss
  • Buttermilk
  • Baby diaper or water gel
  • Blender
  • Measuring cups
  • Paint brushes
  • Water
  • Measuring spoon

Now here is what we want to do with all the ingredients!

  1. Measure out 350ml of water
  2. Put your water and buttermilk into a blendermoss3
  3. Throw two clumps of moss into the blender
  4. Extract water gel from a baby diaper, or just buy water gel
  5. Add two teaspoons of water gel to the blender
  6. Blend this until smooth
  7. Transfer the smoothie into a bucket

Now that you have your moss paint gather your kids and let them paint the sidewalk, brick wall, or the side of a barn! Now that you know How to Make Moss Graffiti get your kids get out there and make some awesome moss designs!

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One thought on “How to Make Moss Graffiti

  1. Sandy King says:

    How much buttermilk and how much moss do you use? Where do you purchase the moss? Thanks for sharing this project.

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