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How To Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic

Garlic is extremely easy to grow. Garlic can be grown in pots, in the garden or even in an overturned cut up milk carton! Water and fertiliser are all you need! You are going to see  How To Grow Garlic in a container!

You will need garlic, try to get organic garlic. Organic garlic is likely to be free from any anti sprouting agents. Split up the garlic cloves but do not take off their skin!

Add some gardening soil to a planter, make sure your planter has proper drainage. As well avoid potting mix, garlic does not do as well in potting mix!

In the top of the soil use your finger to poke holes for the garlic cloves. The holes should be deep enough to hold two cloves. Make sure to leave about 2 inches of space between each hole.How To Grow Garlic

In each hole place one garlic clove. Make sure the pointy side is up. Now cover each garlic clove with soil.

Water your garlic cloves regularly, making sure not to over water your plants!

You should have some nice sprouts in a week or two.

I know my garlic is ready to bulb when the green tops fall over and the bottom leaves turn brown. At this point the garlic needs to dry out and not be watered. I leave it in the container for a week or two.

Cure your garlic on the back porch in the sun, when the skin is dry and the neck is tight the garlic is cured.


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