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Houseplants to Help You Sleep

Houseplants to Help You Sleep

A good nights sleep is important for normal daily activities. The stress from work, relationships and traffic can easily disrupt a normal sleeping pattern. Taking sleeping pills can form habits and further ruin normal sleeping patterns. Why not try using Houseplants to Help You Sleep?


Well known for its soothing fragrance, lavender can lower stress levels and blood pressure causing you to feel sleepy. The relaxing fragrance can facilitate light sleep decreasing rapid eye movement.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is know to purify the air and release higher amount of oxygen making for a better night sleep. Being easy to reproduce, you can quickly grow yourself an aloe vera plant for every room of the house. Make sure you aloe vera stays warm an gets lots of sun.


Jasmine has a sedative property that positively impacts sleep. The jasmine fragrance leads to greater sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement resulting in a more relaxed sleep. Keep a potted jasmine plant outside your open window an a warm night.

Snake Plant

Similar to aloe vera, snake plants purify the air. Emitting oxygen throughout the night snake plant makes your bedrooms fresh and clean. Fresh clean air helps you relax and sleep better.

Spider Plant

Breathing purified air leads to a better more restful sleep. The cleaner the air the more efficiently you breath. Spider plant like aloe vera and snake plant can cleanse the air. Spider plant can also remove harmful formaldehyde from the air.


Gardenia, like sleeping pills has the ability to induce sleep. Gardenia has been shown to treat insomnia, anxiety and poor sleep.



English Ivy

English ivy has the power to clean up to 94% of airborne faeces and 78% of airborne mould. Having English Ivy around can greatly improve allergies or asthma symptoms. Breathing better will lead to a better more restful sleep.




I personally have an English Ivy in my room as I am highly allergic to grass, weeds and trees. Which of the Houseplants to Help You Sleep will you try?

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