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Homemade Insecticide

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I was looking around Pinterest for some Homemade Insecticides and I think I found one that will work! I have been gardening this last summer but there have been a lot of leaves with holes in them! So I found this Homemade Insecticide from Little Farm in the Big City. Here is goes!

Insecticidal Soap Concentrate

¼ bar laundry soap, grated
1 quart very hot water

Stir the grated soap into the hot water until dissolved. Store this insecticidal soap concentrate in a labeled covered jar.

Insecticidal Soap Spray – mix 1 teaspoon of the concentrate with 1 quart of water and pour into a sprayer. Make sure you label that spray bottle!

Insecticidal soap is a contact poison. Spray it directly on the bugs and leaves of the infested plants in your garden. Test on a single leaf first, checking for leaf burn, and do not use during very hot weather.

I love this Homemade Insecticide please go visit  Little Farm in the Big City for more great gardening tips!

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