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Homemade Extracts

Homemade Extracts

So many recipes call for various extracts, vanilla, lemon and almond are some of the most common. While most extracts are not that expensive would it not be great to save some cash and make your own Homemade Extracts? All of the following Homemade Extracts are extremely simple to make!

Vanilla ExtractHomemade vanilla Extracts

  • 5 vanilla beans, they are cheap on Amazon
  • 2 cups of alcohol. Vodka, rum, or bourbon give a great flavor. Buy the cheap stuff, it usually has a higher alcohol content which better extracts the vanillas flavor.
  • Quart sized glass jar with lid
  • Slice the vanilla beans down the middle. Place the vanilla bean in the jar and fill with alcohol. Shake the jar every few days. Do this for six weeks and your homemade vanilla extract is ready!

Mint Extract

  • Pick some mint leaves from your garden
  • Cut off any stems, clean and dry the leaves
  • Place the dry leaves into a jar and fill it with more vodka, rum or bourbon.
  • In 3 to 4 weeks strain out the mint leaves and enjoy your mint extract.

Almond ExtractHomemade almond Extracts

  • Put 15 whole skinless raw almonds into a jar with a cup of vodka, rum or bourbon.
  • Shake the alcohol and almonds daily for 3 weeks.
  • Strain out the almonds and enjoy your Almond Extract

Lemon or Orange Extract

  • Zest your Lemon or Orange
  • Mix the zest of your fruit with a tablespoon of sugar
  • Mix the zest and sugar with vodka, rum or bourbon.
  • Shake this mixture daily for 3 weeks.
  • Strain out the zest and enjoy your Lemon or Orange Extract.

It may be interesting to mix lemon and orange zest together and make a Lemon Orange extract! No matter your taste or needs there is a zest for everything! I hope you now have enough information to make your own Homemade Extracts.

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