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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid of Bed BugsGetting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs, I am sorry. Finding a bed bug has lead to one of the worst experiences of my life. Hopefully my pain can save you some time and money in the future! Let me start off by saying, just because you have bed bugs does not mean you are dirty person. You can be bed bugs by going to see a movie! Luckily Getting Rid of Bed Bugs can be very easy.

A Few Tips

Assuming you already have bed bugs remember to keep sleeping in infested areas. This seems counter intuitive but sleeping in Getting Rid of Bed Bugsyour infested room keeps the bed bugs contained in that one room. It is easier to clean one room over an entire house.

Keep other rooms well lit, bed bugs like to come out at night to feed. Keeping other rooms well lit will discourage the nasty bugs from roaming!

Buy some bed bug traps. Bed bug traps are not a solution to a bed bug problem but a way to monitor how bad the problem is. Place the bed bug traps in the infested room as well as around the house. This way you can tell where the little bugs are going!

The best thing you can do is buy mattress, box-spring and pillow encasings. These encasings are sealed on all sides and are waterproof. A proper encasing will not allow bed bugs or dust mites in or out.

Bed Bug RemovalGetting Rid of Bed Bugs

When Getting Rid of Bed Bugs, for a small infestation I would suggest trying to remove the bed bugs yourself. If the infestation is so bad that the bed bugs are in every room, maybe call an expert.

Remove all bed sheets, wash them in hot water with lots of detergent and dry them on high heat. Bed bugs die high heat temperatures. Many pest control companies will offer a heat treatment which can be a healthy alternative to chemicals.

Thoroughly vacuum your mattress and box-spring making sure to unfold any creases and clean all seams. Once you are certain you have all the little bed bugs vacuumed up, put your mattress and box-spring encasings on. Any bed bugs left over will now be trapped here! A small note, never open these encasings. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding. Opening the encasing could let them out and reinfect the entire home!

Vacuum around all baseboards and all carpets. Once done remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it immediately.

All clothing and linens should be washed in hot water and dried on hot. Delicates should be dry cleaned. A small heads up, not all dry cleaners are equipped to handle bed bugs. You could be unknowingly spreading the problem. Call ahead and make sure the dry cleaner can kill the little suckers!

Once your clothes and linens are clean store them in tightly sealed garbage bags. Everything you trust to be bed bug free should be placed in the middle of a bed bug free room. Place bed bug traps around all the clean items to be sure no little bugs are getting in!

In any room you suspect to be infested, take off all the light and plug covers. Remove all furniture at least a foot away from the Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
walls and spray the room with this nice mixture of 40% Water, 30% Bleach, and 30% Dish Soap. Focus on the mattress, box-spring and baseboards.

Make sure to empty out any dressers and spray in there as well. Bed bugs like to live and lay eggs in warm, damp woody areas.

Each day, vacuum your mattress, box-spring, baseboards and carpets. Each day spray this mixture around the house, and live out of garbage bags for a while. Be vigilant and you will be bed bug free in no time! A side note, if you are worried about using bleach, you can use isopropyl alcohol instead.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs can be a very daunting task, but easy task! If you have bed bugs of you are worried you may get bed bugs, start cleaning now!

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