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Get Rid of Slugs

Get Rid of SlugsSlugs

So you have a beautiful garden, your flowers are perfect, the arrangement blends well together.

Everything is perfect! Then one day you see some pieces of leave missing. Soon all your plants are dead, flowers are wilting and all your hard work is lost!

Well it may be because you have slugs!

Well you can not sit outside all day pouring salt on all the slugs you see.

Even if you do, salt would be so bad for your plants so now we have a nice natural way to Get Rid of Slugs.

You can use slug repellent. But we want to be natural!

All you need is a jar, and some cornmeal!

So to Get Rid of Slugs simply put some cornmeal into your jar.

Put the jar into the garden and make sure to turn it on to its side.

Get the cornmeal to make a track from the top of the jar to the bottom.

The slugs will eat the cornmeal even though it will kill them!

This is the most natural way I have see to Get Rid of Slugs.

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2 thoughts on “Get Rid of Slugs

  1. TequilaMockinbird says:

    How many do you put in your garden? Does 1 work? Or do you use 1 per plant?


    1. MrCompEng says:

      I usually just put one in each section of the garden. One mason jar full will stop slugs in quite a large area. Be weary though of the rain, and remember to change the jar often enough. Dead slugs are gross!

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