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French Press Terrarium

French Press TerrariumFrench Press Terrarium

Remember when you said you wanted a French Press for that at home coffee shop flavor? Remember how well that worked out? Oh right, you tried it once and put it back in the box. Well pull it out and make it into a French Press Terrarium.

Previously I made a post about how to make a terrarium. I am not sure that this French Press is the best container for a terrarium but if you are experienced enough I am sure you can make it work.

Now when making your French Press Terrarium there are so man different things you can do, make it yours! Customize it however you want!

If you do not already have a french press look at some various French Presses here.

Make sure to get one you really like, one that you stare at for hours at a time, marveling at your new creation!

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