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Fairy Garden

Fairy GardenThe Fairy Garden

So you have an old barrel, some dirt, and some small flowers?

Well why not do The Creamer Chronicles did and make a little fair garden?

You can even make these yourself.

Go out to home depot, or to an art store and find a barrel.

I like the old looking barrel myself.

The decorations honestly can come from anywhere.

I know that gift shops in small towns are great for finding this stuff.

Get yourself a small house, and some small chairs, and different homey items that are mini sized!

Place all the decorations into the dirt and set up The Fairy Garden.

Once everything is in place you are ready to add character to the scene.

Add plants and walkways make of pebbles.

When done you should have a miniature Fairy Garden, a great place you would love to go to relax!

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