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DIY Seedling Greenhouses

DIY Seedling Greenhouses

A great way to ensure a healthy flourishing garden is to properly start your seedlings. Luckily there a lot of cheap easy DIY Seedling Greenhouses that you can make with everyday house hold items. Make a few of these and see which works best for you and your seedlings!

CD Spindle Case Greenhouse

Do you have any CDs? I have a lot laying around but lets be honest, everything we have on those CDs is backed up to some hard drive or cloud. Well why not throw the CDs out and make a greenhouse for your seedlings? Take the top off, put some dirt in and plant your seeds. Now that is what they show in the image. What I would do is turn the who thing upside down! Put some dirt into the lid, plant your seeds, moisten the soil and screw the bottom back on! Drill some holes into the bottom of the CD case (top of the greenhouse) for air to move in and out and you are done!


Egg Carton Greenhouse

I’m sure you have a few egg cartons that are empty just laying around. At the very least you have a new egg carton in the fridge full of eggs. Well hurry up and eat those eggs, these Egg Carton Greenhouses will not create themselves. What is great about these Egg Carton Greenhouses is that for each (dozen sized) carton you get twelve mini greenhouses. Take your egg carton and cur the top off. Fill each egg holder with some dirt, should be at least an inch thick. Put your seed in the dirt and moisten the soil. Now take a plastic bread bag and put your Egg Carton Greenhouses into the bread bag. Use a twist tie to tightly seal the bag. Poke a few holes in the bag for proper air flow and wait for your seedlings to grow.

Clear Storage Create Greenhouse

Have a few clear storage crates laying around? Why not fill them with dirt and plant some seedlings? Take your creates and put a layer of dirt in them. Plant your seedlings, at least an inch deep and with an inch of space between them in each direction. Moisten the soil and place the storage lid on the container. Make sure to poke some holes in that container for proper air flow! You must use a clear container to let all that sunlight in!


No matter which of the DIY Seedling Greenhouses you make, or buy remember to always keep them in the sunlight. The sunlight does not need to be direct but should be present. Greenhouses are meant to be humid and warm. Always keep a spray bottle around and filled with a mix of water and a little bit of plant fertiliser. You will want to use the spray bottle to water your seedlings. You do not want to pour on so much water that the seedlings are disrupted, rather use just enough water to keep them greenhouse atmosphere alive.

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