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Clean your oven Quickly with No Toxins

Clean your oven Quickly with No Toxinsclean oven

After years of use and neglect your oven can start to look really bad! Dirty, grimy, and greasy! While this not only look awful, eventually all that residue can start to affect the taste of your food! Luckily there are ways to Clean your oven Quickly with No Toxins! Doing this a few times a year your oven will always look brand new!

The great thing is you only need salt, vinegar, baking soda and a retractable razor!

What you need to do to clean your oven is mix water and vinegar in equal parts, I would then put this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the water and vinegar mixture all over the dirty greasy oven! Cover the dirty areas of the oven with baking soda, then add a layer of salt. Spray some more vinegar and water mix onto the salt and baking soda. You should be able to hear the vinegar and baking soda sizzle! For best results, I would do this just before bed so that the vinegar, salt and baking soda can work their magic over night.

Early in the morning take your retractable razor and start scraping away. Make sure not to cut yourself or any of the insulation in your oven. Keeping the oven window wet will help prevent the razor from scratching the glass.

Now that your oven is clean, perhaps buy an oven liner. Oven liners are great, simply leave them at the bottom of the oven. Oven liners are super easy to clean, simply pull them out and rinse them off!

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