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Clean Children’s Toys

Clean Children’s Toys

We all know that children’s toys get filthy! Children love to put random things in their mouths, that and toys constantly being on the floor they can become covered in bacteria! Want to keep your children same why not learn how to Clean Children’s Toys!

There are a few requirements, first you will need a laundry bag, they are fairly cheap on Amazon. I found one for under $10!

Now I would check that all the toys are laundry safe, however no toy will tell you if it is laundry safe or not, I usually do a quick Google search, or I just feel the plastic see how sturdy it feels!

I put all the toys into my laundry bag, and place that in the washing machine with a bit of detergents. Using a delicate wash I let the toys go for a spin! The toys always come out with a fresh smell! To dry the toys we either set them out on the porch to sun dry, or we lay them out on a towel.

Clean Children's Toys

A little tip, you can do the same thing in your dish washer!

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