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Citrus Peels in the Garden

Citrus Peels in the GardenCitrus Peels in the Garden

Citrus peels are a great source of nutrients for your garden! You eat fruit everyday anyways, why not put the peels towards a full healthy garden!

  1. Add nitrogen to your compost bin! If you have a compost bin and eat fruits every day you are already a step ahead of most! Nitrogen is needed in your compost and one of the easiest ways to add nitrogen to your compost is through citrus peels. Simply toss toss the citrus peels into the compost bin!
  2. Stir some life into your soil! sulfur, calcium and magnesium are only a few of nutrients found in citrus peels which will help your plants thrive! Leave the citrus peels on a baking tray in the sun. Once the citrus peels are dried out blend them into a fine powder and mix it into your soil!
  3. Get rid of aphids! Aphids love to eat plants, leaving unsightly holes. Take an orange peel, cut a slit into it, and slide it down to the base of the plant, the aphids will stay far away from the acidic orange peels.
  4. Repel mosquitoes! If you let your citrus peels dry out, blend them into a dust and mix them with water, spray the mixture onto your plants and watch the mosquitoes fly away!
  5. Attract Butterflies. Leaving citrus peels in a shallow dish is a great way to attract butterflies to your garden. They love to eat the sweet juices left on the citrus peels!

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