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Avoid these Beginner Gardening Mistakes

Avoid these Beginner Gardening Mistakes

We all have to learn somehow, and in the process of learning we are guaranteed to make some mistakes. I hope to help you Avoid these Beginner Gardening Mistakes!

Over Crowding

One flower looks great, so why not plant six more? Six more must be six times as great! If you are trying to grow a variety of plants you are probably trying to squeeze as many seeds or seedlings into your garden space as possible. Every first time gardener has a vision of a huge beautiful garden, so much so that we do not thin out the seedlings properly after sprouting. Instead of a huge productive harvest we end up with weak straggly plants. The lesson here is that less is more! Give your plants room to breath. Fewer plants spaced further apart will end up being healthier and produce more fruit and flowers than plants crowded together.

Too Many Veggies

This year I want carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelons, green beans, yellow beans, cucumbers, more carrots, and maybe a few others I have not tried yet, like green peas. My only issue is, I do not have enough space! When you are a new gardener it is a good idea to keep it as simple as possible for the first little while. It’s tempting to want to try a little of everything, but you’ll have a much better chance of having a successful garden if you focus on just a few veggies for the first year and then add in others the next year. Start off with a few easy to grow veggies, become confident that you can be a gardener. After having a garden for a few years you will learn what is easy to grow and what plants will grow well together!

Over Watering

Plants need water, unfortunately giving too much water to your plants can kill them! We are all guilty of this as it is easy to worry so much about whether your plants are getting enough water that you end up giving them too much water by mistake. Some plants do need more water than others, but generally they do better with fewer, more thorough waterings (like they would get if if were raining) than they do with getting a shower from the hose every time you walk by and think they look even a little bit thirsty. Remember it is always to water early in the morning or late in the evening, whenever the sun is low in the sky.

Not Following Companion Planting

Simply put, some plants do not play well with others! Take a look at the Companion Planting article I wrote! Click the link right above this!

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