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Alternative BBQ Cleaners

Alternative BBQ Cleaners

Recently I have seen many stories about children and adults accidentally swallowing wire bristles which have fallen off of BBQ cleaners.

From CBCNews

“This week, a woman in Connecticut needed emergency surgery to remove a wire barbecue brush bristle from her digestive tract — and doctors say she’s not the first. Cheryl Harrison of Wallingford, Connecticut, was rushed to the hospital by her husband after feeling a sharp and unusual pain in her stomach.”

Being worried for the safety of myself and my family I decided to look into some Alternative BBQ Cleaners. While none will work as well as a wire bristle brush, these also will not kill you!

Crumpled Tinfoil

Take some tin foil, crumple it up into a ball and use this to scrape your grill. Make sure the grill is off and has had some time to cool!

An Onion

This may seem unconventional but it works. Cut the onion in half and move it around the hot grill with some tongs. Not only will this clean your grill but it will add some flavor!

A Wooden Scraper

A wooden scraper looks and works like a paint scraper, use it to scrape all the gunk off your grill. Wooden scrapers are often cheap and easy to find.

Bristleless Brush

The bristle-free brush is a circle of tightly coiled steel. While this is a great alternative to the bristled brush, make sure to throw the bristleless brush out once it becomes frayed.

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