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8 Raised Garden DIYs

8 Raised Garden DIYs

  1. U-shaped raised gardens are an efficient use of growing space. As well a U-shaped raised garden allows for easy access to all your plants! Go check out this easy project on how to make a u-shaped raised garden bed here.
  2. Adding a trellis to a raised garden can significantly improve productivity. Get all the details and pictures for DIY raised garden bed with trellis at emilyaclark.
  3. Add wood dividers in your beds and plant one herb or plant in each spot. Neat and organized! Perfect for herbs that can be invasive, like mint! source.
  4. Herb spirals, undoubtedly make very cool-looking raised garden beds and are perfect for people with little space for gardening. Check out instructions and more pictures for making a spiral raised garden bed here.
  5. Go simple! Use some hay bails! I love that it’s the quickest way to get fresh vegetables on your dinner table.source.
  6. Don’t you love using unexpected items as planters? I do! However, using repurposed wine box planters first requires building a wooden platform for displaying the cute wine box planters. See the tips and instructions via llhdesignsblog.
  7. A simple U-shaped garden with an island! source.

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