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6 Unique Uses for Kool-Aid

6 Unique Uses for Kool-Aid

Here I thought Kool-Aid was nothing more than a delicious drink and a simple hair dye! Here are 6 Unique Uses for Kool-Aid!

1. Remove toilet bowl stains.

Pour a packet of orange or lemon flavoured Kool-Aid into the toilet bowl. Using a scrub brush scrub away your toilet stains. The abrasive texture and citric acid will break down and dissolve stains. The Kool-Aid will also leave a nice citrus smell!

2. Clean Out the Washing Machine6 Unique Uses for Kool-Aid

The citric acid in lemon or orange Kool-Aid helps break down the buildup in your washing machine. Run 1/4 cup lemon or orange Kool-Aid in a regular wash cycle, remember to remove your clothes. Repeat as needed!

3. Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

Mix together a few drops of water with a packet of lemon-flavored Kool-Aid. Use a brush to scrub the stains away. The abrasive paste plus the citric acid can do wonders for your driveway or patio.

4. Check Toilets for Leaks

Think your toilet has a leak? Remove the tank lid and pour in some Grape flavoured Kool-Aid. Wait 45 minutes without flushing the toilet. If any purple water appears in the toilet bowl you know you have a leak! This may require a quick replacement of the flapper, or this may be the start of a more serious problem. Either way you have a place to start!

5. Sanitise the Dishwasher

Fill your empty dishwasher’s detergent compartment with lemon or orange flavoured Kool-Aid and run a normal cycle. The citric acid will help remove buildup.

6. Dye hard-boiled eggs.6 Unique Uses for Kool-Aid

Have a little more fun this Easter by dying your hard-boiled eggs before painting them. Pour one envelope of each Kool-Aid color and 2/3 cup water into separate glasses, stirring to dissolve the Kool-Ai. Use a spoon to place a hard-boiled egg into each cup. Keep eggs submerged until the desired colour is reached.


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