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6 Easy to Care for Vine Climbers

6 Easy to Care for Vine Climbers

  1. Morning glories are a beautiful easy to grow vine. 
  2. Climbing roses bloom prolifically, many varieties have a pleasant rosy scent. Consider the overall mature size of the variety that you are going to grow and the time you can devote to it, as roses require care and maintenance. Prune the plant on time and regularly remove the faded flowers to keep it in an attractive appearance.
  3. Moonflower is a vine that blooms at night with large trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers. Placing moonflowers near your window to treat yourself to a beautiful fragrance throughout the night.
  4. Ivy is one of the best climbers for containers. If given enough time and space ivy can grow up to 80 feet high. Being an evergreen ivy will be a beautiful green all winter long!
  5. Clematis is the perfect plant to add vertical height and interest to any container garden. Plant clematis in a large container. Fertilise this plant regularly and make sure to always water it thoroughly and deeply. If you live in a cold area make sure cut the vines down to the stem and cover them with a bag of leaves. Keep the roots insulated!
  6. Trumpet vines can grow as much as 40 feet! With as fast and as big as the trumpet vine can grow it is often considered a weed in some parts due to its invasiveness. Trumpet vines are also known to attract hummingbirds. 

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