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6 DIY Greenhouses with Awesome Tutorials

6 DIY Greenhouses with Awesome Tutorials

If you do not live in a nice warm climate you may need a greenhouse to facilitate the growth of the more tropical fruits, vegetables or flowers! While you could go to Amazon and buy a greenhouse why not find a greenhouse you love and make it yourself? Here are 6 DIY Greenhouses with Awesome Tutorials!

1. Cut Bottle Mini Greenhouses

The easiest 1-minute greenhouse, yet surprisingly effective. Check out the 3 secrets to success! ( A Piece Of Rainbow )

2. Cedar Branch Hoop House

Best part about this tutorial? You can use any branches you find around your home. Using strong rot resistant wood (like cedar or oak) your Hoop House can last up to 30 years! Cedar and Oak are strong natural alternative to pvc pipes! Check out this tutorial from Earth Easy.

3. Pallet Greenhouse

This green house is like a mini house! To make this Pallet Greenhouse you will certainly need some building experience, but the guys over at The Green Lever have made an amazing easy to follow tutorial! Want a chicken coup? Make a few modifications to this Pallet Greenhouse tutorial and you got it.

4. CD Case Greenhouse

Who did not buy tons of CPR’s to burn music and movies? What did you ever do with all the CD cases? Probably nothing. Why not make a simple greenhouse! Put your pretty glowers in this CD Case Greenhouse, this way you can keep them safe in their own climate controlled area while being able to see how pretty they are. Check out the tutorial over at Mega Crafty and see how your CD Case Greenhouse can have windows that open!

5. Cold Frame Along Masonry Wall

Live in a cold area but want to keep a small garden alive? Why not check out how the guys over at Deep Roots At Home utilise rocks facing the sun to absorb and store enough heat to keep some plants warm!

6. Bottle Greenhouses

If repurposing is your goal then this Bottle Greenhouse is for you. Made from old tires and plastic bottles this Bottle Greenhouse is the best way to recycle any bottles you can find! Following this tutorial you will have a huge greenhouse which contains two rain barrels! Look at the amazing tutorial at Master Gardening Blog.

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