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6 DIY Garden Markers

6 DIY Garden Markers

How often do friends and family point to a plant in your garden and ask “What is that?”. Maybe you have a hard time remembering all the beautiful flowers you have chosen to surround yourself with. Why not make some DIY Garden Markers and keep a nicely organized garden.

1. Hand Made in the Heartland 

Using some black paint and a paint stir stick you can easily label the plants in your garden.

2. Cambria Wines

Drink wine and and need to organize your plants? Why not turn the corks into garden markers?

3. 5 Dollar Dinners

Got some old scrabble tiles laying around? Why not make some garden markers?

4. Chat Field Court

Clothing pins are cheap to buy. Get a few clothing pins, some paint and make some garden markers.

5. Swallows Heart

Sticks are going to fall off your trees daily, get some paint and make some markers.

6. In My Own Style

A beautiful way to use tin can lids to make garden markers.


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