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10 Unique Succulent Containers

10 Unique Succulent Containers

1. An Old Dying Tree

Have an old tree stump? Why not put it to some good use as a natural planter and a source of compost! Filling and old dead tree with soil and filling it with succulents can create a beautiful garden accent!

2. An old Bird Bath

Have an old broken bird bath laying around? Why not fill it with dirt, plant a bunch of succulents and place it in the middle of the garden! This is a great way to re-purpose something broken, while sprucing the place up a bit!

3. Bird Cage

Bird cages are easy to come by. Visit your local thrift shop and you are sure to find an old bird cage which you can fix up a bit! Build a mound of dirt in the middle of the birdcage. You want to be able to plant the succulents all around. With luck the succulents will grow through the cage wires creating a beautiful garden!

4. Old Furniture

Have an old chair or dresser laying around? Why not fill it with dirt and plant succulents. For an old chair simply cut out the top cushioning. Fill the empty space with dirt and plant your succulents.

5. Broken Pots

Smashing a pot is never fun. You could reuse the broken pieces and build yourself a cute little fairy garden. Please make sure not to cut yourself when putting the pieces together!

6. Watering-can

An old watering can filled almost completely with dirt provides a perfect pot for succulents.

7. Fire Pit

After a while the old fire pit starts to rust out. If you have an old fire pit with some holes in it, place duck tape over the holes. Top and bottom to ensure a full seal. We do not want any dirt falling out. Once all your holes are patched up, fill the fire pit with dirt and plant your succulents.

8. Picture Frames

Assuming you can keep the dirt into the picture frame, a nicely painted frame can be a great planter for succulents.

9. Old Boots

Rubber boots, old leather boots, even an old pair of dress shoes. Rather than throwing those old shoes out, fill them with dirt and plant some succulents!

10. Wine Box

Buying a case of wine? They often have such beautifully decorated boxes. A beautiful box that may look great in your garden full of succulents!

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