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10 Reasons To Grow Mint

10 Reasons To Grow Mint
10 Reasons You Should Grow Mint

  1. Lets say you have a small bald patch in your garden. You are afraid to plant anything as you do not want your new plant to spread an take over your garden. Well luckily mint looks amazing and will not quickly spread. While mint will spread over time, with careful control you can use mint to cover and garden bald spots! If you happen to have a rock bed, or a high traffic area, mint will thrive in these areas as well.
  2. Mint can be grown in a container. Growing mint in a container is possibly the easiest way to grow mint. The mint stays where you want it, can be taken inside and out, and becomes easy to harvest. If you want to grow mint but are worried it may take over your garden, why not plant it in a pot and keep it contained.Grow Mint in Pots
  3. Do you like to cook with fresh mint? Maybe put some fresh mint in your mojitos. You can cut handfuls of mint at a time without any damage done.  See a mint plant that is growing where you don’t want it?  Chop it down and turn it into something delicious, or cut large bundles of mint and hang to dry for use in the winter months.
  4. Mint will grow in the shade! Plant some mint in that pesky shady area of your garden where nothing will grow! Plant some mint in a container and put that in a shady room in your house. The room will smell amazing and your mint will grow nicely.
  5. One mint plant is not enough? Well take your healthy mint, cut off a branch and plant it. Mint will grow from cuttings easily re-rooting itself. You can cut out mint where you don’t want it, put it in water until it grows some roots, then transplant it where you do want it.  In fact, you don’t even have to put it in water first as it will root right in soil.
  6. Don’t worry about watering or fertilizing it.  Really, it will grow without any inputs.  Unless you’re trying to naturally thin it out, it may like a little water from time to time, but it will honestly be ok if you literally leave it alone for months on end.
  7. Mint repels bad bugs! If you let your mint plants flower they will attract bees, good wasps, hoverflies and tachinid flies. 10 Reasons You Should Grow MintThe smell of the mints flowers will houseflies, cabbage moths, ants, aphids, squash bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, and even mice.
  8. Mint can be great for your chickens! Chickens love eating fresh herbs, growing mint inside your chicken coupe can not only keep the nasty pests away but also provide a healthy delicious snack! Mint being a natural flea replant, allowing your dog or cat to have some once in a while is a great natural protector.
  9. Mint is great for cooking! Mint pesto or mint tea, just two of the super simple amazing things you can make with mint! Here are a few more mint based recipes!
  10. Mint can used for medicine! A natural breath freshener, relief from stomach pain, and a well known digestive aid mint can be used to help many daily ailments. A beautifully natural remedy to many of our most annoying ailments. Feeling a bit bloated? Pick some mint and chow down!

Those are my 10 Reasons To Grow Mint. I know that ever since I started growing mint, my cooking has gotten better, there are less bugs around and I am just happy! Seriously if these 10 Reasons To Grow Mint do not have you convinced that you should be growing mint, nothing will!

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