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10 DIY Vertical Gardens

10 DIY Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are so pretty and perfect for those of you who want a garden but do not have that much space! Well here are 10 of the best vertical gardens I have seen, each one comes with its own set of instructions so you can make your own DIY Vertical Garden!

1. Lattice Style Vertical Garden by Decor and the Dog

outdoor vertical garden plot

Lattice is a cheap building material that you can find anywhere! If you are feeling a bit handy, try making this lattice style vertical garden yourself!

2. Indoor Garden Picture Frame by Sunset

Indoor Vertical Garden Frame


Following the mantra of “less is more” this picture frame vertical garden will give you all the pleasure of creating a full wall vertical garden, except with less work. This would be a great vertical garden project to “test the waters” before you dive right in!

 3. The Living Wall by Lushe


This project is by no means small, you will need a large wall. If you want to carry out this project, I think your hardest decision will be to do it, inside or out, either will look great!

4. Organic Vertical Planter by FireCGun

vertical planter

Going for a minimalist look is great, if you can achieve your look while upcycling even better! This vertical garden utilizes standing pipes like pvc, something you may be able to find either cheap or just laying around.

5. Vertical Pallet Flowerbed by Mommy is Coo Coo

pallet flowerbed

Found some wooden shipping pallets lying around? This is such a great way to recycle them! The pallet creates rows in which the plants can grow out of, giving the effect of a “green wall”.

6. The Wall Planter by Inspired By Charm

wall planter

This DIYer uses a homemade picture frame to “capture” his garden. In addition to this, he makes sure to place his potted plants on surrounding shelves, taking the meaning of “vertical garden” a lot more literally.

7. Recycled Plastic Bottle Wall Garden byRosenbaum


This vertical garden looks like a Kokedama garden, while taking upcycling to a new level! Be careful on windy days! Just kidding, I know you would properly secure each bottle to the wall!

8. Stacked Mason Jar Garden by Port and Quarter

mason jar garden

Is there anything a Mason Jar can not be used for? Seriously! Get a piece of wood and strap some jars onto it, how beautifully simple!

9. Hanging Shell Planters by FlathersCreations

shell garden

This is an amazing idea! Sea shells are so pretty but maybe hard to come by, really depends where you look. Even though I love this vertical garden, it looks like a lot of work filling those tiny shells with dirt and plants. Think a plant would ever outgrow its shell and crack it?

10. Rusty Fence Garden by Sew a Fine Seam

rusty fence garden

A lot of people think that a vertical garden has to be a large complicated job, well look here, all we have is some string, buckets and a wire frame. When it comes to vertical gardening there does not have to be hard work which takes weeks to complete.

Seriously if you want a vertical garden, take thing you have around the house, put a plant inside of those things, then hang them up! Vertical gardens can be simple and beautiful!

Leave a comment and tell me which vertical garden is your favorite!

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